The 2015 edition of the Electrolysis and Fuel Cell Discussions conference is dedicated to ultra-low platinum loading and non-platinum-group metal catalysts, and focuses on oxygen reduction in low temperature fuel cells. It also celebrates the 50th anniversary of Jasinski's discovery on the activity of cobalt phthalocyanine, which paved the way for the class of metal-nitrogen-carbon catalysts.
The conference will be the opportunity to present recent results in the field and to discuss the scientific and technological challenges on the way towards zero platinum loading. Invited lectures, oral and poster presentations will provide an international perspective of the most recent research activities in this fast-moving area.
Poster sessions 1 & 2 programme now available -> Download PDF
Topics covered will include:
  • Cathode catalysts for proton- or anion exchange membrane fuel cells
  • Non-PGM catalysts
  • Ultra-low PGM-loading catalysts
  • Hybrid PGM & non-PGM approaches
  • Modelling of catalytic sites and reaction pathways
  • Advanced characterisation techniques
  • Mass-transport issues for non-PGM and ultra-low PGM loadings
  • Ageing and durability
  • Catalysts free of platinum-group-metals for PEM electrolysers

  • Publication of Conference Papers in International Journal of Hydrogen Energy -> Submission Information

  • Exhibition Opportunities
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  • Fuel Cell Fundamentals Short Course - FULL
    Sunday 13 September 2015
  • Hubert Gasteiger
    Technical University of Munich, Germany
  • Frédéric Jaouen
    CNRS Montpellier, France
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  • Invited Speakers
    Plamen Atanassov
    University of New Mexico, USA
    Non-Platinum Group Metal Electrocatalysts: Paradigms, Successes and Challenges

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    Bruno Jousselme
    Centre Energie Atomique - CEA Saclay, France
    Non-noble metal Catalysts based on carbon nanotubes for fuel cell application

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    Di-Jia Liu
    Argonne National Laboratory, USA
    MOFs and POPs - Two new classes of porous precursors for highly efficient non-PGM catalyst design and synthesis

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    Yu Morimoto
    Toyota Central R&D Labs, Japan
    PEFC Catalysts for commercial FCVs beyond MIRAI

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    Sanjeev Mukerjee
    Northeastern University, USA
    Invited Professor of Chaire Total Balard
    Unravelling the mysteries of electro-active sites in non Pt group metal electrocatalysts

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    Kenichiro Ota
    Yokohama National University, Japan

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    Brian Pivovar
    National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA
    Extended Surface Electrocatalyst Development for Ultra-low Pt loading Fuel Cells

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    Jonathan Sharman
    Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells, UK
    The Challenges for Pt Alloys in Automotive Applications - Progress on De-alloyed PtNi Cathode Catalysts

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    Vojislav Stamenkovic
    Argonne National Laboratory, USA
    Advanced Catalysts with Ultra-low PGM Content for PEMFC Cathode

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    Andrew J. Steinbach
    3M, USA
    Challenges and Opportunities with 3M Nanostructured Thin Film Ultra-low PGM ORR Electrocatalysts

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    Peter Strasser
    Technical University of Berlin, Germany
    Nanostructured low-Pt and non-Pt electrocatalysts for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction

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    Piotr Zelenay
    Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA
    How much value there really is in non-precious metal ORR catalysts for fuel cells?

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    The CATAPULT project proposes to develop new concepts for automotive PEM fuel cell catalysts based on novel structures wherein platinum is deposited as an extremely thin layer on corrosion resistant supports of various non-usual morphologies. In parallel, non-platinum group catalysts are being developed via the synthesis of tailored precursors ...