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  • Invited Speakers
  • Plamen Atanassov
    University of New Mexico, USA
    Non-Platinum Group Metal Electrocatalysts: Paradigms, Successes and Challenges

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    Bruno Jousselme
    Centre Energie Atomique - CEA Saclay, France
    Non-noble metal Catalysts based on carbon nanotubes for fuel cell application

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    Di-Jia Liu
    Argonne National Laboratory, USA
    MOFs and POPs - Two new classes of porous precursors for highly efficient non-PGM catalyst design and synthesis

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    Yu Morimoto
    Toyota Central R&D Labs, Japan
    PEFC Catalysts for commercial FCVs beyond MIRAI

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    Sanjeev Mukerjee
    Northeastern University, USA
    Unravelling the mysteries of electro-active sites in non Pt group metal electrocatalysts

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    Kenichiro Ota
    Yokohama National University, Japan

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    Brian Pivovar
    National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA
    Extended Surface Electrocatalyst Development for Ultra-low Pt loading Fuel Cells

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    Jonathan Sharman
    Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells, UK
    The Challenges for Pt Alloys in Automotive Applications - Progress on De-alloyed PtNi Cathode Catalysts

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    Vojislav Stamenkovic
    Argonne National Laboratory, USA
    Advanced Catalysts with Ultra-low PGM Content for PEMFC Cathode

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    Andrew J. Steinbach
    3M, USA
    Challenges and Opportunities with 3M Nanostructured Thin Film Ultra-low PGM ORR Electrocatalysts

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    Peter Strasser
    Technical University of Berlin, Germany
    Nanostructured low-Pt and non-Pt electrocatalysts for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction

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    Piotr Zelenay
    Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA
    How much value there really is in non-precious metal ORR catalysts for fuel cells?

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